Rita Benavidez Not my best set of the new Cal Strength program, but it was my most fun!!!! 147# with a side of shimmies!!!!




I literally do not care about your gender, sexuality or skin colour.

I literally only care about whether you’re a nice fucking human being or not.

so basically you’re racist, sexist and homophobic

How, how, how, could that possibly be interpreted that way.  Just that statement by itself is baffling.


This is a very new breed of cat called a Lykoi cat that looks like little werewolves! I think these cuties might beat the Sphynx as my favorite cat now. 


Click here to watch Jason Jones and Aasif Mandvi discuss this segment in The Daily Show Correspondent Spotlight: Behind the Spotlight.










People…. I think I have found a trans GW mini!



It is the Wood Elf Lord with Sword and Spear

Note how it is called “Lord” which is a masculine word (the female variant being “Lady”) but the model clearly has…

I’m not wrong about anything, I made a statement, you decided to wade in and try to prove it wrong. And I put that tw as I have lots of trans followers that don’t want to read your transphobic opinions.

Now if you don’t mind, I have some annoying of bigots to do via “projecting” shortly followed by “imposing ideas” ha

The statement you made—“I think I found a trans mini” and “it is either trans or non-binary” as well as “I refuse to believe it is cis”—IS wrong, and for the reasons I’ve already lined out. That you refuse to consider it and are already labeling me as transphobic and a bigot is a clear indication that you’re too far down the rabbit hole at this point and that you’re just buckling down on your idea.

Firstly I’m not a kid, i’m 20.

And you are a bigot, you are claiming that trans and non binary are ideologies that are being “projected”. They are not ideologies, they are legitimate gender identifications.

Firstly, I’m older than you by ten years. A lot of people are kids to me. You certainly aren’t acting like anything less than a kid right now, defaulting to name-calling like you are.

If I was a bigot I’d have come in screaming with hate and bile towards trans and non-binary people, which is so far from the truth I can’t even fathom why you came to that decision. The only thing I’ve been trying to get across is that yes, you are projecting gender identification to a model. 

It is a hunk of pewter made to look like a woman. The ‘lord’ title on the website does not suddenly, magically make it trans or non-binary; that’s just the title of leaders in warhammer fantasy. I’ve said that before and yet you’ve seemingly missed that point, so I’m going to bring that up again in case you suddenly failed reading comprehension. 

If you yourself decide to buy the model, paint it up, and declare that your leader is trans? Cool, more power to you, and I hope you have fun painting and playing with it! Make an entire army of trans-elves who make pincushions out of silly humans who invade their forest. That’d be kind of awesome.

But you didn’t suddenly discover some secret trans-model sold by GW.

I made a harmless post for the sake of my followers. You decided to wade in and prove me wrong.

Oh and FYI, I was in GW Rotherham today and the store manager confirmed it is highly likely that the model is trans as when it was designed there was a trans person on the sculpting team. My local GW manager is a close friend of mine and you are a complete stranger, I know who’s opinion I take more seriously.

P.S Thank you so much for taking a bite of the bait, I have had a lot of fun, especially since thanks to this I have received do much love from the trans community thanking me for “standing (my) ground”

Ultimately I have no stake in this, you know that, right? I’m not angry or upset, I’m not frothing at the mouth or fighting against trans people. Like, I don’t even really GIVE a shit, nor did I ever take offense to your ‘harmless’ post.

I also don’t believe your manager friend. What is the likelihood that he was working back then during 6th edition when that model was made? And also that he knew there was a trans-person working as a sculptor for GW at that time? And that the model itself was intended as trans? If anything he’s just telling you what you want to hear, which is somehow even worse than me, some random jackass on the internet, disagreeing with you over the supposed gender of a hunk of metal. It’s the equivalent of “hey man my dad TOTALLY works for nintendo.”

Believe whatever you want, it’s not like I’m going to convince you at this point. I wasn’t even really trying to convince you of anything, just pointing out that there’s no evidence of it being a trans model anywhere on GW’s site, or even in the elf book.

…actually, thinking of gender in the human term when applying to ageless, eternal elves is kind of silly to begin with and a bit fucked up when you think about it.

Well this has been fun, it has brought I smile to my face. (Also if you don’t believe me about being friends with the manager then go to the GW Rotherham Facebook page, I am in multiple pictures, especially back at Christmas when I was modelling the limited edition IG back pack). Perhaps next time you will just ignore harmless posts instead of attempting to prove them wrong and causing the person who originally posted it to get a spike in notes and multiple new followers from the trans community. Or not, whatever, your life so do what you want.

Again, thank you, this has been fun :)

I’ve seen some sad ‘victory’ posts in my time but man, this takes the cake.

If you think the argument “I’m not transphobic because I say I’m not” is going to work you have clearly not being paying attention to tumblr these past few months.


Also you can still be transphobic if you have a trans friend. I mean saying “I’m not racist because I have a black friend” is not a valid argument so why do you think getting your friend to help you is going to work? (Especially when they are on anon, no way of telling if they are talking truthfully or not). And shall we just ignore the ageist remark made?

Also, hi to all the new followers I gained because of those posts, enjoy your stay :)

Man I really must have made you buttmad if you keep going on about this.

I did not get my friend to do anything; they did it on their own, without my input or say. I’m not so cowardly as to send people against others under the guise of anonymous; they did it themselves for their own reasons. I fight my own battles, and unlike you I don’t have a legion of asspatters to tell me I’m doing a good job.

Disagreeing with your assertions = me being transphobic, bigoted, and ageist, in your little world. Shall we add ‘cis’ to the list of abused, misused, and misapplied labels? 


As part of a tour put on by an organization called The Mystical Arts of Tibet, a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India recently visited the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Texas. They were there for a weeklong residency during which they constructed this magnificent Tantric Buddhist mandala sandpainting.

The monks will spend up to eight hours a day working together on one of their sandpaintings. The process starts with an opening ceremony and the consecration of work site.

Each work begins as a drawing, the outline of the mandala. Then, colored sand is poured from traditional metal funnels called chak-purs. Each monk holds a chak-pur in one hand, while running a metal rod on its grated surface; the vibration causes the sands to flow like liquid.

Once the sandpainting has been completed it is ceremoniously destroyed using a ritual vajra.

"The sands are swept up and placed in an urn; to fulfill the function of healing, half is distributed to the audience at the closing ceremony, while the remainder is carried to a nearby body of water, where it is deposited. The waters then carry the healing blessing to the ocean, and from there it spreads throughout the world for planetary healing."

Click here to learn more about The Mystical Arts of Tibet

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